BAUE is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exploration and conservation of our planet's underwater regions. Most of our activities take place in Northern California. To achieve our goals, we apply the philosophy, standards, and procedures of diving originated by George Irvine and Jarrod Jablonski, and taught through Global Underwater Explorers.

For more information, visit about us or ask a question in the BAUE Forums.
Tech Charter 11/19/2022

Tech Charter 11/19/2022

Date: 11/19/22

Photos and videos are the best ways to help share our passion with the world. We are blessed with a lot of talented photographers and videographers. We recommend you visit our gallery for the most recent photos and videos.

If you're looking for images of a specific species you might want to check out the BAUE Field Guide.
Cordell Bank, 2013

Cordell Bank, 2013

Date: 03/13/14

Reports are another way we share our diving experiences with the world. We have set up a system that allows members to submit trip reports as well as information on dive sites and dive boats. All of this information is searchable in a number of different ways. Go ahead and give it a try!.

If you would like to discuss any of the trip reports, you can visit the BAUE Trip Reports Forum and post a question or comment.

Here are some of the most recent reports:
10/18/2014 Flintstones by Dionna House -- R3 Diving at Flinstones and Local's Ledge
7/12/2014 Harry's Fairyland Arch by Gary Banta -- Harry's Fairyland Arch has been definitively located at Point Lobos
Rob and Nettles
Projects are a core component of BAUE's mission. BAUE's 2012 project took place at the Mating Amtracks, a well-known local dive site in Monterey Bay, where two amphibious tracked vehicles sit, one on top of the other. The project consisted of several months of planning, including a reconnaissance dive, a project meeting, two project practice days, one day of setup dives, and two days of survey and documentation dives. Results are available at the Mating Amtracks Project Page.

In 2013, BAUE conducted an expedition to Cordell Bank NMS. More details can be found at the Cordell Bank Project Page.